BeatBeauty Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick

BeatBeauty Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick

Hello everyone. Welcome back to my blog. Had fun reading my previous posts? It’s okay if you didn’t haha. So, an anonymous emailed me the other day, she thanked me for uploading swatches and review for local brands in Malaysia. Yes, there are tons of new beauty brands in Malaysia at the moment and I’m really happy to see this kind of business growing bigger and bigger! Note that, some of them were sent to me as gift or for review purpose unless stated otherwise.

OK move on to our main topic today. I’m sure you can guess what it is by reading the title and my introduction. Yes! Today I’m gonna be reviewing products from BeatBeauty Cosmetics.

BeatBeauty is a beauty brand based in Malaysia, they carry 6 shades of liquid lipsticks overall. Good news to all of my international readers, BeatBeauty offers worldwide shipping! Feel free to contact them for shipping rate to your country 🙂

BeatBeauty is generous enough to send me all 6 shades from their liquid lipstick range. I was really excited when I first unboxed the lipsticks because the box itself is so pretty, elegant. Never seen anything like that before.


The box is beautifully designed with pink and silver color, they almost look and ‘feel’ metallic at a glance. Elegant! The lipstick itself is packed in a tube, made with plastic. The brand, the volume of the products (5ml) and the shade are labelled on each of them. Perfect!

Price : RM 39

Swatches of all 6 colors

My favourites are absolutely BUNGA, BOLD & BLOSSOM 🙂

I’ve tested out for few days after receiving it, and in my opinion the formula is amazing and very long lasting. It’s water proof and smudge proof as well, and it doesn’t transfer when I try to kiss the back of my hand. The cons are the formula is slightly sticky and not opaque. I need multiple layers for my whole lips especially the lighter colors. I have no problem with Bold and Blossom 🙂 But if you are looking for a lip color that lasts longer, you can try BeatBeauty! For taking it off, use oil-based make up remover instead of water-based like micellar water.

Interested to try one?

Visit their Instagram profile and pick your favourite shade now! 🙂