My Own Brand New Face Mask!

My Own Brand New Face Mask!

Hello yalls! Yeah finally I’ve got a chance to announce it. The production was supposedly completed by mid 2018 but everything was done very efficiently and I’ve got to release my own brand new face mask earlier. You know my first product was Liquid Lipsticks but we’re trying so hard to bring em back in future (let’s just pray, alright?)

My brand, Ruby & Roses carries two different masks called HYDRATE and PURIFY. Both masks are made for all skin types but I can say they work best for specific skin types too.

The first one is the HYDRATE (best for dry skin) – this pale green coloured cream mask is rich in cucumber extract, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It helps in brightening & hydrating for your skin. Most of the time I will use HYDRATE on my cheek area where it got dried the most. You can see instant result after using the mask, your skin will look supple and non drying after you wash it off.

The second one is the PURIFY (best for oily-acne prone skin). Why I call it PURIFY because it helps in oil controlling. Besides it also soothes troubled skin. PURIFY has been my go-to for my T-Zone area where I got oily the most.

TIPS : Use mask in a specific duration, as stated in the jar for best result.

Have you tried our mask? If yes, how is it? Would like to hear that from you!

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