Bucket List Checked : I went to Coldplay concert!

Bucket List Checked : I went to Coldplay concert!
Hello guys and dolls

It has been always in my dream to go to my favorite band's concert! If you guys know me personally, I have been loving Coldplay since high school years, specifically in 2008 🙂 I was accidentally introduced to 'Fix You' when I scrolled down someone's Tumblelog (Tumblr homepage) in cyber cafe at my school haha. It was a quote, saying that "Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones and I will try to fix you" I couldn't really remember how I got an idea to search for that song but yes that was where my first love began

Few months back, my bestfriend buzz-ed me about the Coldplay AHFOD (A Head Full of Dreams) Tour in Singapore and we were like okay we're so going! Unfortunately, we didn't manage to secure any ticket BECAUSE THE SYSTEM ON THE WEBSITE is rubbish. We managed to reserve earlier but during the checkout, the system kept rejecting our card and redirected us back to waiting Q. what the. we were very sad because the tickets were sold out everywhere! Days after that, somebody offered us two tickets (of course it's more expensive than original price tapi it's actually not really overpriced) and we decided to buy them (yes we paid more for the tickets. and we would do anything for it thou)

We went to 1st April show and we got standing area! A night before that, we repeatedly played and listened to Coldplay because we were too excited for the show. We woke up SO DAMN EARLY and headed to the sports hub as early as 8am by train. We started Q-ing at 9am, yes there were people lining up tapi not so long! Fuhh! We made friends and most of them are Singaporean and Indonesian (we hardly found Malaysian, except for this Kedah couple haha I still remember how pekat their Kedah accent)


Everyone was too excited and kabut. People were running like in running marathon haha

My friend and I were approximately <100m away from the main stage. It wasn't far at all! I could see every single thing on it! It's like a dream come true, yes by just looking at the stage. It was so beautiful though the lighting is still off haha

The opening was so cool, they presented to us the new singer, Jess Kent on stage with her songs. She made a great voice, really. and she's beautiful too.

Sharp at 8 PM, with everything inc lighting and sound system's ready

there you go.. The first song, A Head Full of Dreams was on!

It was really tiring and my body feels dehydrated during the concert, but it was very satisfying overall. IT WAS WORTH MY SWEAT, MY MONEY, MY WAIT.

I swear Coldplay makes the best-est songs and they really know how to interact with the audiences. They made you felt like talking to them, closely, with eye to eye contact! I missed these moments already. Here are few photos I managed to capture during the show. Enjoy!
























Chris once said, the Singapore show is very responsive, even better than in Europe! And he already promised to come here in Singapore a lot more often. Well yes I'm already looking forward for the next show!