Bukit Batu Putih, ‘Private’ Beach and The Highly-Raved Chicken Rice Balls

Bukit Batu Putih, ‘Private’ Beach and The Highly-Raved Chicken Rice Balls

I know that's quite long for a post title haha yes for now Imma share something unrelated to beauty & makeup (finally), my WTF (literally) hiking experience + two days trip with the besties 🙂 This is really weird coz I never posted anything unrelated to beauty on my blog so let's pretend everything is okay

Few days back, WE went for a short trip to Port Dickson & city of Malacca. It was a very well-planned journey (It better be well-planned since everyone's so busy with their work). I woke up as early as 2.30 a.m. on that day to pick these people up (please appreciate my effort if one of you is reading this). Our main activity for the trip was hiking and food hunting (of course coz we eat like a pig)

We arrived around 8 a.m. at the National Park Tanjung Tuan, Port Dickson. The air was so refreshing there. The place is opened to public, but there's an entrance fee of RM 1 / person if I'm not mistaken. But if you arrive at 8 like us or prolly earlier you'll get a chance to enter for free haha. We took 15 – 20 minutes (you might arrive earlier if you're fit enough) to arrive at the Lighthouse by walking, not sure if you can bring your car inside but it seems possible. Whatever it is, it was a great walk from the gates of the park to the lighthouse.

For your information, you need to reach the lighthouse first before hiking up to Bukit Batu Putih and the 'Private' Beach. This so-called private beach was one unexpected journey, we would never expect to go there at first place lol

Okay enough with private beach haha it's actually Pulau Intan. We called it 'private' because it's so isolated and quiet. We only saw few people walking around there.

Okay so back at it, if you wish to go to both 'private' beach for mandi manda and Bukit Batu Putih, we highly advise you to go to private beach first coz it's not really noticeable – as soon as you see the downstairs the first thing that might come out from your mind is "Fine I'm done" BECAUSE it really made us tiring already, just by seeing it.

We took about 20 minutes to go downstairs to the beach. The view is very scenic and calming, the seawater wasn't bad at all.

Done with mandi manda, we moved on to our main plan, hiking to Bukit Batu Putih. Yes, to arrive to Bukit Batu Putih, you will need to get back to the lighthouse. Just ask people around on how to reach Bukit Batu Putih. There's an unnoticeable and small entrance at the side of the road. For hiking to Bukit Batu Putih we took about 15 mins to arrive at the peak. At the peak, you'll see pretty much the whole Pulau Intan / Port Dickson (I'm not sure what it is). By the way, I'm still wondering if there's any short route from Pulau Intan we went earlier to Bukit Batu Putih.. nahh never mind past is past. It would still be tiring anyway but please update me if you know any

We don't have any 'proper' photo of us together at the top coz we actually asked for some people to take photos of us using my camera but none of them was approved haha so sad, so we took a selfie instead.

Once we were done with our activities, we continued our journey to Malacca (yes this is a part of the plan). On our way to Malacca, we stopped by at the stall at the side of the road for some food. We had lemang periuk kera, durian as well as nangka.

After arrival, we checked in at White Loft Hotel, it's 10 mins away from the city. It's like budget hotel but with the upgraded version laa haha coz the room is so comfy. And it's totally worth our money.

For lunch, we had chicken rice balls at the famous Ee Ji Ban. It was my first time by the way and in my opinion the taste itself has no difference with the regular nasi ayam except for the rice 🙂

Meanwhile at the evening, we had klebang coconut shake, the only coconut shake we trust lol

So, if you're planning to go to Pulau Intan and Bukit Batu Putih but at the same time you find my post is confusing lol

here's the summary

  1. Go to National Park (entrance fee applies, arrive early so you don't have to pay)
  2. To the Lighthouse (15-20 mins by walking)
  3. To Pulau Intan (20 mins by walking downstairs, approximately 300m in distance)
  4. To Bukit Batu Putih (15 mins hiking)

I highly recommend these two places if you plan to spend time with your fam and friends 😉 All you gotta need is stamina haha. Feel free to comment if you have a question / in need of recommendation 🙂

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