Cuepido Cosmetics Lippilocks, glossy AF!

Cuepido Cosmetics Lippilocks, glossy AF!

Hello all!

Are you a fan of glosses? Damn then this post is meant for you. Don’t you think this lipgloss trend should already make a comeback this year, like please.. I mean everyone looks good in glosses so why not. For today’s “gloss” post, I’m gonna feature this one gloss, Lippilocks from Cuepido cosmetics. If you have been following my blog posts since Day 1, you’ve prolly heard of this brand OR you can check out my 2016 post here 🙂

Y’all I’m not paid to do this post but as usual, I’m gonna tell you overview and my honest AF thought on this product. Sit there, read and relax (and share this post to your friends as well hehe).

For more details on the Lippilocks you may click here, it will redirect you to the website and of course you can shop the product right away!


This is how the packaging looks like, it’s like regular liquid lipsticks. Anyway, this Lippilocks range has 5 colour options which I have them all and I have to say I love them sooo much (honestly). The shades include:


Pixy (gentle pink)

Crush (vibrant coral red pink)

Forte (bright cherry red)

Haute (bright magenta pink)


Mellow (light rose brown) 

My favourite shade goes to *drumrolls* MELLOW, FORTE & CRUSH

Mellow is the most perfect shade to be worn under nude and peachy matte lipstick. I usually wear this gloss on top of dry matte lipstick coz I find it stay longer on my lips. Besides, it makes my lips look a lot fuller. Fyi, this gloss has citrus scent which is very yummy and pleasant. If you’re not a fan of any product that has fragrance, you may not like this Lippilocks. Bear in mind, the scent is quite strong (but I am totally okay with that). Formula and application wise, it glides smoothly on the lips and it’s very glossy! In my opinion, it stays a lil longer than any other regular glosses. Though I eat a lot, the pigment of the gloss remains there; which I think it matches its name, lippiLOCKS.

Thinking of buying one? Hold on because I have a promo code to share with you 🙂 This promo code is only valid until 31st January 2018 so be sure to use it while it’s still usable. You can use promo code “ALIA10” for additional 10% off on Cuepido Cosmetics

p/s : note that I don’t benefit any from the discount code. It is just meant to share to all of my readers 🙂


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