Fever Glam Review

Fever Glam Review

Hello guys and dolls!

Finally I got a chance to blog again 🙂 Yes this is my very first post for September.

Last week, I got few stuff from Fever Glam (what a cool name). Fever Glam is a local-based beauty brand, the only one that’s coming up with Peel Off Eyeliner! Yasssss you heard it right. Besides that, they also have Liquid Matte Lipsticks and most of them are dupes for some international brands. Exciting, isn’t it?

Stuff I got from Fever Glam are of course the Peel Off Eyeliner, as well as their Liquid Matte Lipstick in shade Amour, Big Bang, Cherry Bomb & Unicorn. After a week testing out the products, I think it’s about time to give my thoughts on these gems.

  • Fever Glam Liquid Matte Lipstick

Yall know I have an ultimate obsession on liquid lipsticks so I won’t miss the chance trying out different liquid lips from different brands. When it comes to liquid lipstick, everyone’s concern is the formula. In my opinion, Fever Glam’s formula is so nice. I mean, it sets beautifully matte & it doesn’t settle into fine lines of the lips – looks so smooth! It’s also not too drying for me at least, and not sticky as well. The color is very very opaque except for Unicorn. The texture of the Unicorn is a bit more watery compared to the other 3. Are they long-wearing? Wooo I can promise you THEY ARE LONG-WEARING. I had Cherry Bomb on my lips for about 8 hours and it’s still there.. Though it kinda faded away at the center of my lips since I eat a lot, but the rest is still there. Also waterproof, smudgeproof and kissproof 😛

Packaging-wise, the boxes are really cute, and the lipstick tube is frosty – makes it expensive-looking lol

Swatches :

  • Fever Glam Peel Off Eyeliner

Gurlll when I first heard of PEEL OFF EYELINER, I knew I’m up for it. Fever Glam really takes all of us makeup junkie to the next level. Peel-off eyeliner is totally something else.

The color they carry is Black and this ink peel off eyeliner is packed in a cute rose gold box. The eyeliner looks like a regular ink eyeliner, the formula looks velvety soft when applied and very blackest in color which I like. I’m actually suck at eyelining so it’s a bit hard for a beginner like me to use it. But if you get used to variety of ink eyeliners, you might want to give this a go. But I think I will not recommend this for eyeliner beginners. This product takes about 2 mins to completely dry down. Once it dries, you can peel it off just like that. But it’s gonna be a major prob if you apply a very thin layer of it. I ended up using makeup remover at the end. But I found it much easier to remove using makeup remover, compared to other eyeliners I have.

If you are interested to purchase / get in touch with the brand, go to their Instagram profile for more 🙂