Famous High-End Liquid Lipstick Dupes!

Famous High-End Liquid Lipstick Dupes!

In this post, I’m gonna briefly share liquid lipstick dupes or cheaper alternatives of most famous high-end liquid lipsticks that I own in my collection. Surprisingly, these dupes are a steal compared to their higher end twins in terms of price, quality & the formula itself. If you’ve been wanting to own these shades that I’m gonna include below, but at the same time you’re kinda afraid to splurge RM100 for a lipstick, this post might be helpful for you. And the bonus is you’re gonna save some dollars! Yay


Kylie Cosmetics in “Posie K” vs Breena Beauty in “Macaroon”


These pink berry shades from both brands are my kind of everyday color. I can say it looks pretty much more similar in real life when I swatch side by side. It’s just Macaroon is slightly warmer than Posie K. For the formula, to be honest I like Macaroon better. I hate to say this but most of Kylie Matte Lipsticks are drying and sticky. So in this case, Macaroon wins! Plus, it’s 3x cheaper than the individual Posie K. Oh if you’re outside Malaysia, just so you know Breena Beauty is a Malaysian beauty brand and it ships worldwide! This is not my first time mentioning this brand in my blog, click here to read more.


Kylie Cosmetics in “Ginger” vs Focallure in “Frence Beige”


This color is so pretty, isn’t it? I swear I wear Ginger most of the time because it’s just so pretty. To compare, Frence Beige has a slight deeper undertone compared to Ginger. Application and formula wise, I think they’re equal. Yes what I mean is they’re both drying but Frence Beige is less sticky. But it doesn’t matter at all because it’s 6x cheaper than Kylie?! Definitely a steal. If you’re wondering I got my Focallure lipstick here


Kat Von D in “Lolita” vs Obsess Cosmetics in “Bubblegum”


You guys know I’ve been experimenting many local liquid lipsticks lately and this shade from Obsess really reminds me of Lolita. They’re not exactly the same, Bubblegum has deeper undertone to it. Formula wise, I find Bubblegum is more opaque and less drying than Kat Von D. How cool is that? I also shared my full review on Obsess Cosmetics lipsticks here.


Kat Von D in “Vampira” vs Colourpop Lippie Stix in “Dalia”


This one is a lil bit different because the dupe I found is not in liquid lipstick formula. But the colors appear almost similar. I’m pretty much sure if Dalia is made as liquid lipstick and when it dries down to matte, the color might be 100% similar to Vampira. The only cons for Vampira is, the colour is not opaque like the previous Lolita. Pricewise, Dalia is 4x cheaper than Vampira.


I guess that’s all for high-end dupes that I found in my lipstick collection. And if you’re wondering, yes I’m swatching these in my car πŸ˜‚



  1. Wani
    August 23, 2017 / 2:28 pm

    I thought you would include the dupe for ABH Kathryn in this post haha and btw, I can’t open the link for the Focallure lipstick πŸ™

    • aliahamzah@icloud.com
      August 23, 2017 / 2:47 pm

      I really wanted to include ABH Kathryn but I don’t have its dupe in my collection for now. But I had Bumble from Colourpop, as well as Slamberry from Velvet Vanity before, I can say they look quite similar to ABH Kathryn especially Colourpop Bumble! Slamberry is more pink hehe. Will update again as soon as I repurchase any of them πŸ™‚ On the other note, the link is fixed. Apologize for the inconvenience and thanks for letting me know πŸ˜‰