IFXCOSMETICS Dream & Kiss Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

IFXCOSMETICS Dream & Kiss Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

Hello guys and dolls 🙂

I am finally back with another product review for IFXCOSMETICS, a local-based beauty company. IFXCOSMETICS carries a wide selection of lip colors that suit all skin tone, ranging from pink, red to brown. Yeah basically they have it all. I actually got the package from them last week already and in the package they included the packaging box, a medium-sized pouch, business card and lipsticks of course. I got the shade Asher, Chocolate Cake and Candy Floss.

First, let’s talk about their unique packaging. Each lipstick comes in the box and the shade is labelled on every box. The pacakging of the lipstick itself is made of thick and sturdy plastic, with brand and lipstick name on it. The best thing is the lipstick wand is quite bendable in my opinion, making the products glide easier on the lips. At the back of packaging box, it says “Made in USA”. I am actually quite surprised when it says it’s made in USA because most of products I’ve received are made locally (Malaysia), Korea or China. It’s like my first time trying out local products made in USA.

Price : RM 39


Formula wise, it is very creamy and non liquidy. It applies like cream finish at first and sets down to matte finish afterwards. The formula is also waterproof and smudge proof. The best thing is it’s very long-lasting. Although you eat oily food, the pigment remains on your lips which is a YES! But bear in mind, the formula is quite drying, be sure to fully moisturize your lips first before applying OR apply a very thin layer to avoid that over-drying feeling. One dip is already enough for the whole lips. For taking it off, I prefer to use oily-based makeup remover as it’s a little difficult to remove using makeup remover wipes alone, or even micellar water.

Which one is my favorite?

Definitely Asher & Chocolate Cake because I’m a brown wearer heheh as I don’t usually wear pink on my daily basis. But Asher is definitely my favorite for go-to everyday look 🙂 If you’re wondering how to purchase the lipsticks, you can always visit IFXCOSMETICS Instagram profile for their contact info 🙂