Kaay Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Full Review & Swatches

Kaay Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Full Review & Swatches


We all know that our local beauty brands are expanding bigger and bigger here in Malaysia. And one of the brands, Kaay Cosmetics also doesn’t wanna miss this liquid lipstick trend! Liquid lipstick has been very popular among makeup junkies all over the world. We choose liquid lipstick over regular lipstick stick because it’s very easy to use, more opaque and very long-wearing.

Past few weeks, Kaay Cosmetics sent me 4 of the liquid lipsticks, for me to try out. They included nude, pink, red and coral colours which is the best thing ever because I gotta chance to try most kind of colour variation. Coz you know for some brands, the formula differs for every colour. First when I opened it up, it came with a pamphlet of the brand with some reviews on it. I am truly happy they included the pamphlet because as a consumer, we need to at least gain some information about the products prior to usage.

Price : RM 35


I am quite impressed with the packaging because it’s different from the other brands. The shade name was printed on the front and back view of the box, which means each box is exclusively made for one shade of liquid lipstick only. The material of the box is also sturdy, I mean it’s not easily crumpled.


There are four shades they’ve sent to me :

Roseberry (rosy pink)

Caramel (peachy nude)

Honey Toffee (burnt orange)

Red Velvet (red with blue undertone)

Application / Formula

This applicator of this liquid lipstick is basically the same as what you see in regular liquid lipstick. However, I found the material is a bit hard but that doesn’t bother me at all. The lipstick applies and glides on my lips smoothly. The pigment is opaque, one dip is enough for the whole lips. Kaay Cosmetics liquid lips has this one minty scent (peppermint) which I like, because it gives me such fresh and cool feeling like after you brush your teeth hehe. The formula is not sticky and completely waterproof! Takes about 1-3 mins approximately to completely dry down to matte finish. However, the colour transfers a bit but if you dab it with tissues, the pigment remains there on your lips. And of course our main concern is, is it drying? It is just like other liquid lipsticks but it doesn’t crack your lips. Another good thing is, it’s super easy to remove by using wet tissues only 🙂

To purchase Kaay Cosmetics, kindly visit their instagram profile (clickable)


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