Obsess Mattely in Love Liquid Lipstick

Obsess Mattely in Love Liquid Lipstick
Hello guys and dolls! How are you doing?

For today I'm gonna be reviewing lip products from another brand, Obsess Cosmetics 🙂

I know there's a bunch of liquid lip brands out there but this brand is something else hehe.




(on Instagram) is too kind enough for sending over their lip products to me. I'm very grateful to receive a lovely package from them. I have tried wearing all given shades and I thought of writing up my full review on them.
So, if you guys are interested to know further about this brand and their products,

oh yes just keep on reading hehehe


This liquid lipstick retails for RM 40 each





Yall know i'm a sucker for beautiful make up packaging box and this is one of it 😉

It comes in this unique duochrome box and if I'm not mistaken the packaging box is limited edition, the original box is more to pastel colors. Moving on to the liquid lips itself, it's packed in the hardened plastic packaging, with 'Obsess Feed Your Desire' gold print on it which is beautiful 😉




 LOLLIPOP – Peachy Pink


ICE CREAM – Fuschia Pink


MARSHMALLOW – Soft Pink Mauve


NUTELLA – Reddish Brown


BUBBLEGUM – deep mauve

I swear these are all wearable for my light-medium skin tone. They're perfect for daily use 🙂

My personal favorite would be Ice Cream, Nutella & Bubblegum!


Hands down to one of the best liquid lips formula ever. It totally reminds me of Ofra Liquid Lipstick, as we all know Ofra makes the best liquid lips right. The colors are very pigmented, very opaque with only one swipe. The texture is not sticky, definitely non drying and it never emphasizes the lines on your lips with a thin layer of application (the formula might be sticky if you're wearing thick layer of it). However, it does a lil bit of transfer (just like Ofra hehe) but it doesn't bother me at all because the pigment is still there, stays perfectly and beautifully on your lips. Speaking of scent, it smells just like vanilla cupcake 😉 I highly recommend you to exfoliate your lips first for smoother and easier application (This applies to all lipsticks) coz exfoliating really helps with flaky and dry lips.

So I guess that's enough and I hope you have a good time reading my review on OBSESS Mattely in Love Liquid Lipstick. You guys can check out


on Instagram for more details. Oh did I mention that they also carry DD Cushion? Sounds good right!
Hehe happy shopping 😛