Review : Cuepido Cosmetics Malaysia

Review : Cuepido Cosmetics Malaysia

Hey guys & dolls! It has been realllllyyyy a while since the last time I updated my blog 🌸 I miss this space already!! 

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So last few weeks, Cuepido Cosmetics did send me some of their best-sellers for me to try out! 

I know some of you guys have been waiting quite long for me to do this post!! The wait is now over 😍 

Can we just appreciate how cool are the packaging boxes? I mean it’s simple and cute. The cream color, the font, everything… I can’t keep my eyes off those boxes


It’s an organic-certified cosmetics brand being sold online & offline in Malaysia. They come in various range of product selection from skin care to make up! How cool is that. I love organic products a lot. To know they are formulated without paraben, phthalates, triclosan, sulfates & gluten is a bonus for an organic lover over here. They are also CRUELTY FREE – which I believe most of us don’t support testing towards animals, FOR SAKE OF HUMAN NEEDS.

So basically these are the 5 things I got from them:

I have given myself 2 weeks time or probably more πŸ˜‹ to try out all of their products 😊 Without further due, let’s jump into product description & review! 

P/s: Click on the product name to direct link to their online store!

  • BEAUTY MIST Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavendar Hydrosol) – Retails at RM 99. I have used it every day till now but there’s still a lot of products left. I’m quite amazed with the amount they have actually! It’s multipurpose – can be used as refreshing mist, facial toner, makeup setting spray, body spray and even deodorant! And many more πŸ™‚ It helps in balancing both oily & dry complexion, also in treating acne! I have tried this beauty mist as Make Up Setting Spray. I spritz all over my face before (to prep & prime) and after I put on make up. It’s refreshing and it locks my makeup very well. GUYS, I HAVE TERRIBLY OILY SKIN, but with the help of this beauty mist, it controls my skin from producing too much oil. I blot my face lesser than I used to before. As for deodorant, I spritz just a little amount of it on the cotton pad and dab it slowly under my arms. I love it when my armpit smells lavendar! πŸ™ˆπŸŒΈ


  • Flaws Away Perfecting Concealer – retails at RM 95. Whenever I swatched this concealer, it actually reminds me of the new Morphe concealer. The formula is just as thick as the Morphe’s. It covers my scarrings and undereyes quite well – no wonder the name is flaws away πŸ˜‰ It’s creamy and highly pigmented! I can even use it alone without foundation just to cover my scarrings and dark circles. But remember you’ll need to blend it right after you put it on, because it dries up a lil quickly. Or else, spritz some beauty mist to your beauty sponge and blend it together with the concealer 😊 Set with powder to avoid creasing.  


in shade Buff

  • Ohh Blush! Camellia Cheek Stain – it retails at RM 105. It comes in a bottle with pump. 1/2 of the pump is enough for both cheeks. It’s actually my first time trying out cream blush. This one is in cream form, it’s not as liquidy as cheek tints from Benefit. It’s pigmented and the one I got is in shade Camellia. I believe there are 3 beautiful shades in their cheek stain collection. Camellia has a hint of peach & natural glowy finishing. This stays on cheeks for hours. Perfect for everyday wear. I always use my finger to blend it out. TIPS: how to experiment your blush? Wear your blush on top of your foundation without setting it with powder, and at the end o the day, see if the color stays or fades. The more long-wearing your blush is, the better it is.


Me in Camellia Blush


  •  Oomph Brow Waterproof Brow Perfector – retails at RM 85. THIS IS THE BEST among  other brow products I have tried from other brands. SIMPLE & EASY TO USE. The brow pencil is dual-ended (spoolie and the brow pencil retractor) I’m so happy to know it’s in retractor-form, as I don’t need to sharpen it every time I use it. They come in one universal shade, it means everyone can wear it. It also glides easily on skin. FYI, it’s waterproof so it’s a bonus for those who sweat a lot! πŸ’‹ 


  • Lippilocks Liquid Lipstick – retails at RM 115. I was excited to try this one out because it’s been a long time since last I wore glosses (I’m a matte lipstick freak! 😁) Yes this one is lip gloss in shade Mellow. The smell is heaven! It smells orange citrus if youre wondering 😊 I find this lipgloss wearable if I use it alone on top of my exfoliated lips. It’s very moisturizing. I hate wearing glosses sometimes because of the formula makes me feel like I’m carrying something on my lips, but the lippilocks from Cuepido is so so lightweight. That’s bonus! 


lip swatch of lippilocks in shade Mellow

Among all these 5, my top favourites are Oomph Waterproof Brow Perfector & Ohh! Blush Camellia 😍 I can say, I wear these almost every single day (only if I wear make up) because they’re so simple to use, handy and travel-friendly too! 😊


Why not.. I always always recommend organic-based/natural stuff to my friends – if you have been following me from my Antipodes’ stories, you knew what I meant πŸ˜‰ Organic products may cost you a lot of money, but I don’t really mind spending a lot of money for something that is worth it, that is safe to use, that is ORGANIC & NON-CHEMICAL. I always remind myself, it’s for my future skin.

Last but not least, I thank Cuepido Cosmetics for sending me such great & beautiful stuff. I love it when their concealer, beauty mist & blush didn’t break my skin out! 😁 Fuhhh what a relief. 

Guys.. Just to make things clear. The review & photo is all on my own 😊 I’m being honest on everything I type on my blog.

Thanks for your time reading! ❀️ 

“Simple is Beautiful” – Cuepido

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  1. June 6, 2016 / 2:09 am

    How much product comes in the brow pencil! Nicely done review! Good job!

    • June 6, 2016 / 4:41 pm

      Thank you!! It’s only 3cm I assume. Not as much as the one I bought from Elianto! 😁