Review & Swatches : OFRA Liquid Lipstick (Miami Fever, Havana Nights, Santa Ana, Mocha, Pasadena)

Review & Swatches : OFRA Liquid Lipstick (Miami Fever, Havana Nights, Santa Ana, Mocha, Pasadena)

Hello assalamualaikum. I’m finally back for the product review (I’m trying to be as honest as I can) 

This time, it’s about my takes on the OFRA Liquid Lipsticks! I have five shades in my collection (currently. Will I be getting more? Well just keep on reading!! 😋)

I bought all of them from different sellers

Miami Fever – bought from on Instagram

Havana Nights – I got mine from on Instagram

Santa Ana, Mocha and Pasadena – I bought them all together directly from (by using international service forwarder) *If you guys are wondering how Hautelook looks like, it’s basically just like MySale / Groupon and stuff. They offer sale price during spesific time, depending on the brands. Most-featured brands are Lorac, theBalm, BECCA, stila and a lot more!!*

Unfortunately, the ones I purchased from Hautelook didn’t come with a retail box! 😭 

So I just managed to collect (pun boleh) 2 boxes out of 5. Sad life.

Packaging? Just an usual plastic tube. Nothing fancy. But I personally love the applicator. The tip is quite precise.

Texture/Formula? I can’t say this is dry matte, or cream matte either. It is something in between. The first time you apply it, you feel like it’s super creamy just like NYX SMLC (but Ofra is better), then minutes after that, it starts to dry completely. The best thing about this formula is it doesnt settle into my fine lines (unlike any other liquid lipsticks)

Transfer test? Whoops! This stuff does transfer. 

Color payoff? I’m not really sure why Miami Fever has the best color payoff among all. It is so pigmented with only the first application, and you don’t need much products to layer your lips. But the other 4, you will need to layer with 2-3 coat **Tips: Layering when it’s in the state “creamy”, to avoid patchy-looking lips.

Scent? It smells like vanilla cupcake. Which always makes me hungry 24/7. But the scent goes away right after it dries

Swatches? There you go! 

Top to Bottom : Miami Fever, Havana Nights, Santa Ana, Mocha, Pasadena

Will I repurchase? Probably not. I’m currently “on leave” from buying any product 😂 Lol. Overall, I think this is worth to buy (if there is a sale lah hehe) – If i’m not mistaken, they retail at $19.90 each on the website. But I belive the coupon code is everywhere!

Good luck! 🙂

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