Review & Swatches : SoBella Cosmetics Raya Edition Honey Matte Liquid

Review & Swatches : SoBella Cosmetics Raya Edition Honey Matte Liquid
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Okay so let's continue to our main topic today.

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you know that I've been playing around with locally made liquid lipsticks and at the same time I'm so proud just seeing more and more new cosmetics line here in Malaysia <3 Kuddos to all founders!

One of the brands I have just discovered is

SoBella Cosmetics

, founded by Syuhada. Thank you so much for sending these over 🙂

I have tried all of three colors, Cornflake Madu, Tart Berry and also Strawberry Samperit

(uuu it feels like raya again! hehe) and here is my honest opinion on each of it 😉


This lipstick retails for RM 40


I'm pretty much SHOOK when I unpack the package from them. I never saw anything like this from other local brands which is unique!  (I'm talking about their packaging box). It's really big and spacey (on the inside). And the packaging box of every shade is different, as you can see each box carries different images of kuih raya. uhmmm I'M HUNGRY ALREADY HELP 🙁

speaking of the lipstick container,

it really surprises me that they come in two different packaging.

Cornflake Madu – with gold cap

Tart Berry & Strawberry Samperit – with black cap



If you're looking for wearable colors for everyday basis, I highly suggest you to pick Cornflake Madu and Tart Berry 😉 ugh can we forget about the name already they make me crave for kuih raya so badly. And by the way, they have a lot of choices on their Instagram page so feel free to check them out!



I have second thought with the formula because as being told I received two different packaging, and yes they both are totally different in formulation – yes as you can tell from my lip swatches above 😉

For Cornflake Madu (the one with gold cap), the first time I swatched it on my hands, I was actually impressed because it really turned out flawless. It only takes few seconds to dry down completely to matte. While on the lips, the texture may look flaky and dry out your lips if you apply multiple layers of it – same goes to most liquid lipsticks but I feel like Cornflake Madu feels REALLY REALLY lightweight on the lips if you apply it with appropiate amount and of course it's non-sticky. Overall, Cornflake Madu is a really nice neutral shade 🙂

As for Tart Berry and Strawberry Samperit, the formula is very moisturizing and it glides SO SMOOTHLY on the lips. In my opinion, it takes quite a long time to dry down to matte. The texture is very comfortable on the lips and it's non-drying. From my observation, I can say it has semi-matte finish and pretty much the same as Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips but this one is more moisturizing 😉 If you're not a fan of dry-matte finishing liquid lipsticks, these two might be your go-to!

So I guess that's basically it for

SoBella Cosmetics

. I really like all of them colors they sent me and I really hope to see more and more new upcoming shades from them 😉 You guys can follow them on Instagram to see more color choices!

I hope you gain something new from this post and feel free to comment if you have any question.

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