RM700 Krabi trip with my girls and my first time flying!

RM700 Krabi trip with my girls and my first time flying!

Yes you read the title right! This was my first time ever flying on an airplane. Hello everyone! I’m finally back blogging. I did a poll the other day on my Instagram story, asking if I should blog about this trip. And most of you guys voted yes, so of course it’s a yes! I mean why not. So here in this post, imma share tips & tricks, the cost and many more about my Krabi trip recently with my girlfriends. Keep on reading if you’re interested to know 🙂

first, let’s talk about the overall expenditure

a) Flight (return) – RM 245, you can actually get cheaper rate if you buy the tix during the promotion period

b) Money exchange – RM 502 (in Malaysia) + RM 50 (in Krabi)

= Total spending

= RM 797

**Kindly note that total spending may vary. You can actually spend lesser than me. My expenditure is quite high because I did a lot of shopping plus my friends and I, we eat the whole thing, all the time.

What’s so fun about Krabi?

Of course when it comes to Krabi, people would imagine beautiful island scenery and outdoor activities.


We arrived at Krabi airport approximately around 8pm and we took taxi to our hostel in Ao Nang, costs around 500 baht. Basically we chose to stay 2 nights in Ao Nang and last night in Krabi Town. In Ao Nang, we stayed in Nice A Day hostel that we booked from booking.com. The hostel wasn’t bad at all and we’re all good with it. Upon booking, you can select either ladies, men or mixed room depending on your preference. We didn’t manage to select any but we requested to have ladies only in our room upon check-in, thank God there was a room available for us. Right after checking in our room, we went for dinner in Thai cuisine restaurant near our hostel. For your information, there are a lot of choices of restaurants near to the hostel and most of them are Halal which is a good thing for Muslim. Besides restaurant, there is also Muslim street market nearby the mosque.


We took a package for island hoping, it’s 1100 baht per person. The package includes transportation and also lunch. The lunch menu are rice, chicken tomyam, chicken paprik, mixed vegetables, bolognese spaghetti, watermelon, hot tea & coffee and also plain water. This package took us to different bays & islands; phi phi island, monkey beach, bamboo island, etc. We also had fun snorkelling at one of the islands. At night, we went to Muslim street market again to buy some food and souvenirs. After that, we went to spa for Thai massage and nearby beach for some fresh air. Then, we took Tuk Tuk back to our hostel.


We planned to go to emerald pool but we ended up choosing kayak instead. The kayak package costs 490 baht per person. Just because we thought the emerald pool is just as same as tadom hills that Malaysia has in Sepang so yeah. Frankly speaking, I have serious love-hate relationship kayaking in Ao Thalane (40 mins away from Ao Nang). It was fun but hella tiring I swear. Thank God they have such amazing, friendly and funny staffs. The whole kayak session was supposedly for 1 hour and 45 mins only however due to rainy weather and our poor skill in kayaking, it became 3 hours in total which was super exhausting. The package we took included lunch and transportation. The lunch menu is rice, Thai chicken curry, spicy fish fillet and mixed vegetables. After kayaking, we went back to Nice A Day hostel to check out. In the evening, we rushed to Krabi Town and checked in Funky Krab hostel. At 6pm we walked to Krabi night market which is like 10 mins walking distance from our hostel and we bought some food and souvenirs there. Fyi, the night market is only available during pweekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), it starts operating in the evening and closes at 9.30 pm. After some walks, we dropped by Abdullah Halal Restaurant for some food, again.


We checked out early in the morning which is 6 am and took an airport shuttle to Krabi airport, arranged by the hostel.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Do not buy island hopping or whatever packages from Malaysia. There are so many travel agents can be found especially when you stay in Ao Nang, and of course the price is way cheaper than in Malaysia. We spent 1100 baht per person for island hopping which is equal to RM 91. While in Malaysia, the price may be doubled.
  2. Bargain as much as you can (put the price if possible). This applies to all packages and souvenirs shopping too. Our island hopping package initially was 1200 baht, kayak was 550 baht but we managed to get 1100 baht and 490 baht respectively. Feel free to compare prices between agents if you have more time.
  3. No Uber/Grab in Krabi, only Tuk Tuk. So there will be a lot of walking. Make sure you drink plenty of water so you won’t feel dehydrated.
  4. Stuff, entertainment and foods are way cheaper and more happening in Ao Nang.
  5. If you are Muslim, beware of non halal foods in Krabi night market.
  6. If you’re mabuk laut like me, please prepare sweets and mink angin in your backpack.
  7. Apply and reapply sunscreen when you’re at the beach!
  8. Before you travel, know how the weather is like.
  9. If you’re thinking of doing laundry, better look for self laundry service (cheaper).

Well I think that’s basically it. If you have any question about our hostel stay, packages and other stuff, feel free to comment below. Good luck!