The Best Life-Changing Skincare Product!

The Best Life-Changing Skincare Product!

Can’t believe that I’m actually talking about skincare today coz this thing is really a big deal for me since I would never think I have the confidence to talk about my skin in any positive way. Yes, this happens when your skin is your biggest insecurity! Okay scratch that..

Before I begin, let me tell you.. I’m not a beautician/skincare expert or whatever. I just give my honest opinion and review on something I like. Note that, this product works for me, but may not work for anyone else.

I’ve been using my regular/basic skincare routine for about 5 months already and I just can’t believe I managed to maintain that. My basic skincare products help in reducing bumps and redness on my face, however I found it doesn’t help with my acne scars. So few months back, I went to Sephora hunting for something that actually can reduce/fade my acne scars. I came across this booster from the brand, Sephora itself, recommended by Beauty Advisor there. I had doubt on it at first, just because the brand is Sephora lol I wasn’t sure what was I thinking that time. But I ended up trying it out anyway!

SEPHORA Luminizing Booster is the name. It contains 20ml of product and only retails for RM 68. At the box, it says that this product can be used alone before moisturizer or in mix with moisturizer or foundation. Cool isn’t it? Basically in my opinion it acts like a serum. The ingredients are as follow:

But it has one rule you should follow when you’re using the product. As stated in the box, it says “Use in 14-day cycle at the start of each season”. Basically, it means that we only need to use it only for the first 14 days, stop using for 14 days, and start using it back for 14 days and it goes on.. Since it has high concentration of Vitamin C. But whatever I break the rules! I use it everyday, twice a day lol.

So here’s how it looks like. It’s not thick at all, it’s water-based, crystal clear and it smells so good (Vit C).

Results :

  • It reduces acne scars
  • Also helps controlling my breakouts
  • Brightens up my complexion (not lightens up)
  • Luminizes my skin better
  • My skin feels baby soft!

After it’s well absorbed into skin, I will apply an adequate amount of moisturizer onto it. Yes please use moisturizer afterwards as you may feel slightly drying.

Oh and whenever I use sheet mask, I usually apply this booster before any sheet mask coz I think it provides better essence (from sheet mask) absorption to skin.

I attach before & after photo below for your reference! **excuse my chubbier cheeks on after photo, messy tudung, ugly background. Photos were taken when I was at my hostel 🙂 But as you can see, my most prominent scars have faded after <1 month of usage! 🙂